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Train Employees on Cyber Security

Cyber liability is probably the number one risk that you face as a business owner today.


Everybody’s heard of ransomware.  Ransomware attacks occur when a hacker sends some type of a phishing email that an employee may click on.  When the link is clicked on, suddenly everything on your computer system is taken for ransom and you have to pay a fee to get it back.

One of the things that business owners can do to fight against ransomware attacks is train their employees on how to identify good and bad emails.  Our cyber liability clients receive extensive resources to help their employees fend off these types of cyber attacks.

Social Engineering

Another common cyber attack is called social engineering. Social engineering is where a hacker or a bad actor acts like somebody that they are not in order to gain access to the businesses computer system or bank account.  Social engineering can be done by email, phone, or even in person!

Once the hacker gains access to your system and accounts, they can take money directly from your business account very quickly.  This has become a big issue for many businesses across the world.

Again, training employees is key for preventing social engineering attacks.  NEVER grant someone access to your system without verifying the validity of the individual first.

Want training for your people?  Contact us to set up your cyber training program.


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